Mowing your own lawn is something that’s as American an activity as they come, but is it really saving you what you think you’re saving? Have you ever wondered whether the time spent on mowing your lawn could be better or more effectively spent on something else? We all think mowing our own lawns saves us time and money, but does it really?

By the numbers

Research has found that the average person will spend 1248 days of their life mowing a lawn. That’s three and a half years of your life that will be spent either pushing a mower around or sitting on one staring off into space. And that didn’t even matter if you were mowing in Florida or New Hampshire – that’s the national average.

That’s an average of three and a half years of your life. And call us crazy, but when you’re older reflecting back on the time you spent on Earth – we highly doubt you’ll look back on ‘the mowing’ years as time well spent.

Simply put – this isn’t a cost/benefit – this is just a quality of life thing.

Couldn’t you be doing something else?

Look – we love what we do, but that’s what we love. We’re willing to bet you don’t love it – and wouldn’t it be nice to do almost anything else with those three and a half years?

They say it takes about 10,000 hours to master a skill or trade. If you break down that three and a half years – you’re looking at around 29,000 hours – or basically three trades or skills you could master. Without breaking out the calculator, that’s just common sense.

You could learn how to fix your own car, learn a new language, take up some obnoxious activity your kids will hate – you could do any one of a million things. Other than mow your lawn.

Yes, you’re buying freedom from a headache, but you’re also buying a job well done.

Let’s put it simply. Do you go and buy all the necessary parts to fix your car the way it needs to be or do you or would you rather just take it to a mechanic? That’s ultimately the difference. Professional landscapers have been mowing lawns for years and their equipment is almost all top of the line. Not only will it be better for your lawn, but your home will look better (and more valuable), your lawn will look healthier – and you’ll have a whole lot of extra time to do whatever you want.

At the end of the day, ‘cost’ is a relative term when you begin to add up all the pennies in the penny jar. Yes, money’s important – but so is living your life. Some folks love mowing their lawns and the people who do and get enjoyment out of it should keep on doing it. Hey – maybe they’ll master it! But for people who don’t? What’s it really worth to you?

And while we’ve focused on most of the esoteric benefits of NOT mowing your own lawn, the dollars and cents add up, too. According to most studies – NOT paying a company like ours to mow your lawn only saves you about $200 a year when you begin to factor in the cost of equipment, maintenance and the like. What’s that $200 to you, really? Is it better spent to buy you an opportunity to experience new things and spend time the way you see fit – or is it worth keeping in your pocket and sacrificing the time? That’s up to you.

If you’re looking for a professional service or are contemplating hiring a lawn care service, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a quote at no cost to you. Good luck!