As the weather begins to warm up, it’s going to be time to start thinking about the Spring and most importantly – spring cleanup. Everyone wants their lawn to bounce back as strongly as possible and as such, we’ve put together a list for you today that will let you know exactly what you should do to not only help your lawn bounce back quickly – but also really bring your lawn to life this Spring.

Let’s jump right in!

Basic clean up

Anytime the weather gets colder, the more debris and detritus your lawn begins to accumulate. And as we hit the warmer months – that detritus has got to go! So that’s the first thing you want to do – clean you lawn up from head to toe. Get some protective gloves and pick up all those branches, small piles of leaves and other nonsense that has made it onto your lawn this winter.

Rake time

Especially if you’re in an area of Florida that has more than palm leaves – be sure to get your rake and clean up any excess leaves on your lawn. Raking will not only pick up leaves, but you’ll also break up clumped up, dead grass that can prevent growth.

Pruning time

If you haven’t pruned in the winter, you should think about doing so as soon as possible in the Spring. Over the cold months, branches are bound to die and get displaced. Before the new leaves bloom, you’ll have a chance to get in there and remove any potential trouble spots. Not only is this a good thing to do for aesthetic purposes, but it is a safety concern too. No one wants any branches falling from a tree’s canopy.

Edge away

Nothing gives you definition and a sense of neatness, scale and space quite like edging does. While the color and scale of your lawn might not be where you want it to be, a neater, more form fitting presentation can wow anyway.

New mulch

Mulch is every lawn’s best friend. It’s particularly important in the spring where moisture levels tend to move up and down dramatically. Mulch will help keep weeds covered so they won’t spread, but they’ll also give your lawn the extra boost it needs to get a jump on the growing season.

Putting in the work on your lawn now can make a significant difference in the long run. It’s the old ‘do the work now, see the results later’ mentality. The more you put in during peak growing season, the better your lawn will look – and the easier it’ll be to maintain. Good luck and remember – if you need a free consultation to help you know where to start – give us a call today!