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Custom Landscape Design LargoIn many industries, little mistakes here and there can go unnoticed. This is not the case when taking down trees, tree trimming, landscaping, etc. Take down the wrong tree or branch and it’s a big deal as super glue is not a solution.

Acorn Services is led by a Certified Arborist, fully trained and experienced in all aspects of tree services. Acorn has a facility that you can visit, office staff to ensure customers are serviced, and a team of experts providing the Custom Landscape Design Largo  you need and want.

Shawn A. Waller, Certified Arborist – SO1060-A, is the owner and operator, of Acorn Services Inc, headquartered in Largo, Pinellas County, Fl. The company provides tree services, landscaping services firewood, mulch, and oakwood chips for smoked cooking.

Shawn is very experienced and fully trained in landscaping design, landscaping, tree services, and cooking wood. He began his career by just having a love for trees and landscaping.When it comes to providing expert landscaping services, nothing takes the place of experience.

Shawn is known throughout the Tampa region for his expertise and knowledge as a Certified Arborist. As an enviromentalist at heart, Shawn gets unwanted wood and recycles it to create useful things such as mulch. As a specialty niche, Acorn provides cooking wood for restaurants. Outside of work, Shawn enjoys going fishing and diving.


Custom Landscape Design Largo


Our professionals take pride in their work and can transform your lawn or garden into a beautiful landscape design. The key to successful landscaping in Florida is to know the plants and trees that thrive in our soil here. With over 45 years of practice, Acorn has this down to a science.

Serving Largo, Belleair, Clearwater, Seminole and the entire Pinellas County area, the Tree Service experts at Acorn Services really know how to take care of your trees.

Is the mulch on your property starting to look bland or lose its color? Our colored mulch product holds its color 3x longer than your average mulch brands. Order colored mulch for your own project or have one of our professionals help you. Available in Red, Gold, or Chocolate Brown.

Custom Landscape Design LargoAcorn’s Cooking Wood and flavored wood chips for smoking are perfect for adding additional oak wood flavor to whatever you are cooking over an open flame! Order by the bag or by the pallet, you are sure to enjoy our Cooking Wood.

This Cooking Wood is perfect for enhancing the flavor of your summer barbecues. Also look for our amazing Smokin’ Oak Firewood for your fireplaces or camping trips.



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Custom Landscape Design Largo