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Quality Colored Mulch Products

Is the mulch on your property starting to look bland or lose its color? Our colored mulch product holds its color 3x longer than your average mulch brands. Order colored mulch for your own project or have one of our professionals help you. Available in Red, Gold, or Chocolate Brown.

Acorn Services Colored Mulch Products:

  • Available in Red, Gold, or Chocolate Brown
  • Custom Processed
  • Vibrant Long Lasting Color
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Enhanced Moisture Retention
  • Enhanced Weed Control
  • Color Contrast Plants & Flowers
  • All Mulch is Recycled Natural Wood
  • Enriches Soil and Enhances Plant Growth
  • Please call or visit us today and speak with one of our experts. Let Acorn Services in Largo provide you with world class colored mulch products or services.




Fully Insured



These are perfect credentials for an imperfect planet.


Acorn Service Provides…

Tree removal, tree cutting services, tree trimming, stump grinding, palm tree trimming, landscaping design, full landscaping, colored mulch, firewood, cooking wood and wood chips for smoked cooking. And…. Acorn delivers! 


Fun Facts About Acorn Service 

• Licensed & Insured for Your Protection
• Expert Tree Trimming
• Full mangrove Services
• Evaluation & Disease Diagnosis
• Land Development
• Planting
• Removal and Stump Grinding
• Tree Preparation & Preservation
• Free Mulch
• Free Estimates

Call or visit us today and speak with one of our tree service experts. Let Acorn Services provide you with world class tree services. 



Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our staff that works at your home or business have gone through extensive training and will be knowledgeable and experienced in the services they are performing for you. From initial consultation to completion, we’ll be professional in our communications and workmanship.


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